TSUJIRI, a 155-year-old
Japanese Tea House
brewing since 1860
About Us
For more then 155 years, TSUJIRI has kept Riemon Tsuji. Tsujiri founder sprint of “Continue to innovate and sustain the tradition”,
and has always offered the best green tea throughout Japan.

Our philosophy is to spread the spirit of Japanese tea ceremony, Sado (way of tea). The true sprit of Sado – harmony (wa), reverence (kei), purity (sei) , tranquility (jaku) – with a sip of green tea and desire – can bring a calm perspective and a mind of hospitality to a busy daily life. These days it seems that although technology has improved yer people are living a very hectic life. We wish that TSUJIRI will provide qualitative lifestyle to a busy modern society all over the world.
Our Teas
Tsujiri developed an exclusive fine collection of its self-cultivated and -produced green teas. Surprise your friends or family member with the most precious present,
the delicious and healthy Japanese green tea! Or just buy for yourself to enjoy a healthier more balanced lifestyle.
You can try all kinds brewed by our trained tea baristas.

Shadow grown stone-ground traditional green tea powder from Uji. Kyoto.
Young and soft premium grade sencha green tea from the award winning tea fields of Yame.
A delightful and classical blend of sencha and roasted brown rice, the best option for new tea drinkers.
Heartwarming delicately roasted quality green tea with lower caffeine content.
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